New hooks and an FO


imageAll done. This pattern (Back Scrubber, free from Red Heart) took less than two balls of Red Heart Scrubby. I’m glad it’s finished and I can resume crocheting with softer yarn!

I splurged a bit today. It could have been worse as I almost got carried away by lots of pretty colours, but I ordered a set of Denise2Go interchangeable crochet hooks. Six sizes, larger ones so that they’ll be good for Tunisian crochet, with cables and a cute orange cotton case to keep them in. And the hooks themselves are bright too.

I used to have Denise knitting needles so I know what they’ll feel ¬†like. I’ve seen mixed reviews online – some people love ’em, some don’t – but I did a bunch of research of my options and this set gives me the right sizes at the best price. Of course there is the exchange rate and the shipping cost to take into account. I also ordered a book on Tunisian crochet stitch patterns because I’m a real noob at all this. It’s amazing how a new technique can make you feel like a beginner again.

Hopefully these will arrive before my holiday as it would be a great compact set to take with me.


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