Cowl/scarf thing


This is my progress after a couple of days with my new Denise2Go interchangeable crochet hook (6mm) and the Loops & Threads Chameleon (worsted weight) in Rainbow. I waited to get a daytime shot, because the colours are more true to life.


The first thing I learned was how to finish the left edge properly. Sometimes I was working into the chain at the end, sometimes into the last stitch, and I thankfully had my new book to confirm that I was supposed to be inserting the hook under the two strands of the last stitch of the row (like in regular crochet). Both edges, for the most part, are looking pretty neat (after the first couple of inches where I wasn’t being consistent) but the tension on the left edge is a bit looser, hence the waviness in the photo.

The second thing I learned is that the bottom (and presumably top) edge curls, but the sides don’t, so if I leave this as a scarf rather than a cowl I will need to finish off the ends with some double crochet.

The third thing I learned was how much I love the Zen state that can come from such a relaxing repetitive stitch. It’s so effortless. If you haven’t tried Tunisian simple stitch before, I hope you give it a go. There are lots of video tutorials on You Tube. The Crochet Crowd is one channel you could try. The Tss definitely looks more interesting with the colour variations in a yarn like this. At one point today, I found a knot in one strand of the two that are twisted around each other. Cutting out the knot and restarting at the right edge left a hard colour change. But pulling back until I was back at the left edge, then rejoining the yarn, made for a softer transition because one colour then underlays the other.

Excuse me now while I run off and finish my breadmaking, followed by dinner-making, followed by ordering the kids to clean up the kitchen! đŸ˜€




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