Happy Monday!


Everyone is so down about Mondays (I’m looking at you, Garfield). But today, I didn’t have a shift (even though the store is open this afternoon) and Tai Chi Man had a long weekend because of the public holiday. So this particular Monday is pretty darned good!

I love getting an email from my Google Calendar peeps saying, “You have no events scheduled today.” It feels like the day is so full of possibilities. I also love waking up in the morning and knowing I don’t have to jump out of bed and get going. Slow starts are so much nicer.

However, there is still housework to do, and Mondays used to be my regular day, before work outside the home got in the way, so I did clean up the kitchen and bathrooms, vacuum (the majority of) the house and washed a crapton of laundry. After lunch I was able to relax on the couch with my crochet, guilt-free.

This is my experiment with Tunisian knit stitch. I LOVE THIS!

(Whaddya know, daylight shots, taken outside, so they are actually in focus and full colour!)

The right side of the Tks looks like, well, knitting. The back looks sort of like purl, but the ridges are way bigger, and the fabric it makes is so soft and thick, it’s gorgeous. Can you imagine a sweater made with this? I can, and it would be really warm and cuddly.

I used the same yarn as the cowl – Loops and Threads Chameleon in Rainbow – but of course on such a small project you only see a couple of colour changes. This time, though, the hook is 6.5mm. Tunisian crochet takes a larger hook than you’d use normally.

Now I have to get in the kitchen for a little advance dinner prep, but my plan for later is to open my new Tunisian crochet book to the next stitch and practice that one.


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