The powers of Ravelry have helped me to make a decision with my ripple blanket stripes. I lined up all my colours in three different permutations, took photos and posted them to the We Love Lucy group on Ravelry, in (what else) the Ripple Blanket thread.

I had a few replies and more than one person suggested I could remove the lime green. So I tried it and I prefer it without.


This is in artificial light but the colours look right on my screen. I used the lime and a 4.5mm hook to make a small swatch to find out how wide a pattern repeat is.


This is two repeats and measures 6.5 inches so for a baby blanket I’m going to chain 143 for ten repeats and approximately 36 inches wide before adding the border.

It’s a busy week at work with inventory: looking at my calendar Sunday to Sunday, I’m working six days out of eight. Also I have had a couple of very good books from the library, big thick novels, one of which I mentioned in a recent post. The one I was stuck into yesterday was A Banquet of Consequences by Elizabeth George. It certainly was a compelling read, a complex story well-written.

Not much crochet is getting done, but now that I am happy with the colours and the swatch, I am optimistic about the ripple blanket idea.


Remember those crocheted doughnuts? My friend posted a photo taken by the recipient of my doughnuts with a cute white rat. I don’t know whether copyright allows me to share it with you here – maybe I shall have to check that she has no objection to me doing so.

Well, I’m going to be setting my alarm for 4.30am so as it’s now 10pm I’d better get to bed. Good night and happy crafting.



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