Time flew by…


Well, I must have been enjoying myself out on my deck – after the blogging, button sorting and crocheting I came inside and was gobsmacked to see it was 6.30pm. My only other companion this weekend is ds2 who slept all day. Ds3 has been at summer camp all week and Tai Chi Man is picking him up tomorrow, along with his two backpacks and sleeping bag. There may be two other teens with him wanting a ride home (thankfully only a short way)  and it will be interesting to hear how they all fit in our Toyota Yaris with all their stuff.

I used my own (published) pattern to create a new cellphone cosy. This one is a bit wider and longer, as I got the impression from my co-worker (who requested this for a friend) that she has one of the larger phones.

I am sad to let go of this button as I love it, but it’s a perfect match for the pink in the yarn at the top back of the cosy.

That’s one thing crossed off the To Do List.


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