Crochet and life update


It’s a day off today which is a good thing because I’m still blowing my nose every 2 minutes!

Ds3 caught a cold at summer camp. Tai Chi Man caught it on the long drive back from summer camp. Then I caught it. After a blissful four day block of days off last week, in which I spent time in the sun every day including (finally) an afternoon at the beach, I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The weekend shifts were a challenge as I had  a horrendous sore throat and would rather not have had to talk at all.

My nose has been running like crazy for the last couple of days but at least this morning the whole headache/neuralgia thing seems to have lessened. I did resort to some acetaminophen (paracetamol) to get through the worst of it, plus I’ve been dosing with the usual natural remedies. We had a monster pack of tissues from Costco last week that’s already gone and I am now using toilet paper!

Enough whining, now to the more cheerful stuff.

Apricot jam…


The first tree produced well this year. I gave some fruit away at work, to two neighbours, froze some, and made jam with more. I just have a few left in the fridge which I should probably eat for breakfast because they are on their way out. We do have a second tree that has teeny tiny apricots that always ripen later, and it’s probably time I starting picking those.

Neat ripple blanket…

IMG_5608 [91704]IMG_5609

Look at those lovely ends. Next time I find a good movie on Netflix, I think I’ll catch up with those. Talking of Netflix, I watched Season 4 of Orange is the New Black. Awesome stuff!

Swap parcel…

FullSizeRender [91749]

Not quite ready to send yet – I have yarn, jewellery fixings, penguin buttons, a seashore themed dishcloth, all things which I think my swap partner will like. I have one of those 5.5″ mailing boxes from Canada Post and there’s still a bit of room left, so it would be nice to add in a bit more.

I think that’s all from me right now – I need more tea and lemon water to keep me going (sneeze, cough, sniff) and hopefully the next time you hear from me I will be back to wellness again.




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  1. Summer colds are the worst! Just when you want to be enjoying yourself too. Hope it all goes away soon.

    What a cheery ripple blanket. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I’m sure I’ll be feeling better in no time. Colourful crochet helps.

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