FO: Crochet water bottle holder



Greetings! I just took a look at my last blog post and realised I hadn’t told you about this project yet. After a lot of browsing to find one more item to make for my surprise swap partner, I decided on a water bottle holder, but not the one that I designed a couple of years ago. No, I’m using someone else’s pattern! Favecrafts, here. Also on Ravelry, here.

This one is made out of Stylecraft Cotton Classique DK, from the kit that I won in a draw. It only used small amounts of six of the colours, and more of the green that I used for the handle and centre openwork part.

File 2016-07-30, 10 16 18 PM

Right now, it’s blocking. I washed it and put it back on this water bottle and hung it to dry, figuring that would keep it in the right shape. The pattern directions are for a very small holder. The width is okay but I added 6 rounds to the length. Those stripes above the green section are two rounds each to match what I did at the bottom. I also made the strap about 20 rows longer per side.

I really hope my swap partner likes this item – I wanted to add some colour to the parcel, seeing as the group that’s organising it is called Colourful KALs and CALs. I now have everything for the parcel and just have to write a note, bundle it all up and mail it.

In other news, the cold is gradually receding. Still a little bit of nose-blowing and coughing, but not enough to stop me going out and doing what I need to do. We had a lovely evening last night at a local beach, having a picnic with some friends. Good food, good company, great weather and swimming. It’s always lovely to watch the sun go down and leave late.

Ah well, that’s it for another post. Tomorrow when the dishcloth and water bottle holder are dry, I’ll get another photo of the parcel contents and pack ’em up. See you then!





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