Swap parcel is ready to go



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I’m happy to announce that my swap parcel is sealed up and just needs to be mailed. The water bottle holder looked so nice this morning. It dried overnight and looked so neat and even, having slept on its water bottle overnight.

Everything fitted perfectly in the 5.5″ cube box I bought from the post office. I added in a note (on a different card, as the postcard I originally bought was too big).

We are  having a cloudy Sunday, which is nice after the hot week we’ve had. Tai Chi Man and  I were out in the garden earlier, picking apricots, green beans, potatoes and mint. And now it’s showering, so we timed it well. The garden  needs the rain, especially as the underground sprinklers haven’t been running as often as we thought.

We have a lot of potatoes growing in the garden (and the variety is called Nicola, and was ordered from Winnipeg if I recall correctly) but the one we dug today was a rogue one from a bag of organic supermarket potatoes that had sprouted so crazily in the bag that we planted it apart from the rest to see how it would do. Well, that one potato turned into lots of potatoes, enough for a meal for four! I am impressed. (My husband often says I’m easily impressed!)

I shall wait to see if the weather changes later – we had an idea to get the kayaks on the water today, they have been hosed down and made ready, but the brackets still need to be fitted to my roof rack. It would be a pleasant way to spend a Sunday evening.

I hope your weekend is a happy one!

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  1. That is such a cute and cheery water bottle holder!

    It’s been cloudy off and on here too, and our brief burst of truly torrid summer weather has gone into hiding. Yesterday was beautifully clear, with warm sun and cool shade, almost like (gulp) fall. 🙂

    That is a great potato story! It always amazes me when my plants grow and produce something that can be eaten. I know it’s what they do, but it still seems like a miracle every time.

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