WIP: Neat Ripple




I love this photo. In one shot, I have captured a work in progress and three finished objects: my ripple blanket WIP, the storage pouf on which I sat this morning to crochet before it got too hot, the basket that is holding the blanket yarn, and my Grandma’s Knickknacks blanket.

Five stripe repeats are finished on the blanket but that means there are still 18 rows to go plus a border. Considering the Peacock Tail Bag CAL starts tomorrow, the blanket may not see much action for a while. (That link will take you to the lillabjorn home page.)

I have my yarn ready for the CAL – five 100g balls of Deramores Studio DK in the colours fuchsia, fir, wine, indigo and malachite. I actually have a jewel-toned colour pack of twelve colours of this DK yarn but after looking at the colours that the designer used for her bag I found it easy to choose the five for the bag.

I’ll get a good daylight photo of the yarn when I post about the CAL.

Excitement for the day: the four of us went for a swim this evening and afterwards we were just enjoying the ambience of the lake when someone started pointing at something behind us. Across the highway and up the steep hillside, far enough away that they looked pretty small but still recognizable, were a mother bear and her two cubs. We watched them for some time as they made their way across the hill and upwards through the trees. So cool!

Have a yarnful day! (I think I just invented a new word.)

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