WIP: Demelza


At last, after a seemingly long wait, I started the Demelza blanket yesterday. A day late, yes, compared to some of the others in the group, but the Peacock Tail Bag took precedence.

So this was my progress after one session yesterday evening…


That’s seven rounds – you can’t see the foundation rounds of each layer of petals. There were certainly some frustrating moments when I was trying to figure out where the @#$% hook went in which &*?$ stitch!

Tonight I managed another seven rounds and thankfully they weren’t as fiddly…


Nighttime shots are so second-rate!

I took another photo of the flower from a side angle as it’s hard to see the first round of petrol blue from above. I’m not really sure why there are two different colours in this section, as the first one is mostly hidden.


I’m not planning my colours ahead of time. The pattern specifies the exact colours the designer used in the same brand of yarn that I’m using and there have been a couple of coincidental matches with the raspberry and the camel, but the rest of my rounds differ from the pattern. It is fascinating to do a Crochet-Along and see how people’s colour choices affect the outcome and make the same pattern look so different.

Time to rest and recharge now. Have a wonderful weekend!





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