WIP: Demelza (definitely not a Netflix project)


I made more colourful progress on Demelza’s central square. I still haven’t used all the colours and I’ve only repeated one (petrol) to add some contrast. Last night I made a huge mess of one round which I only realised when the stitch count wasn’t working out on the next, but I sorted it out and it’s all good.


I’m trying not to think of completing a large blanket made with such exacting directions – one step at a time! No pressure.

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  1. Nicola. Beauitful. Crochet has always been simple and easy for me and i suspect it is how I like it. It does explain my passing aquaintance with knitting as well. I see courage in the way you have taken to crochet. Cannot be boredom! :0}. Roxanne

  2. Well, thank you. What a lovely thing to say. This is definitely not for the beginner. I am finding it a challenge and I’ve been crocheting for years! It’s never too late to learn though.

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