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Hi all

It’s been a few days since my last blurb about the next project in my queue. The new yarn is still tucked away with the book and pattern and I have been diligently crocheting away on the squares for the Coatigan. After all, Winter Is Coming and I will definitely appreciate a snuggly yarny coat/mega cardigan. Best to get that done and then start on the baby stuff.

Want to see how many squares I have now?



Only 14 more to go and I can lay them out ready for joining. In the above photo, they are randomly placed but when crunch time comes I will want to try and avoid overly similar squares being placed next to each other. Taking a photo is actually a good way to see whether the colours are balanced.

My bag of yarn is getting quite skinny and I’m burning through the black. What a great stashbuster!

It was a really busy day at the store today and I was on cash. I realised some time ago that being on cash means that you deal with every customer who comes into the store (unless we’re so busy that we have  a second till open). This means that you interact with more people and have to do a fair amount of brainwork (because all items are entered manually, no barcode scanning) so it is more mentally tiring. Working at a cutting table means you interact with fewer people, but have more physical work in the way of lifting bolts of fabric and putting them away.

Either way, working under artificial lights (even  if we do have a whole wall of windows) and standing on a concrete floor for hours is pretty taxing and when I get home I just want to veg out. Thank God for crochet, is all I can say!

So, what are you making?

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  1. I’m still sewing but then I have a sock to finish and a knitting pattern to write for a jumper for a toy. The squares you’ve made look great with a black background. 😊

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