FO: Woolly sheep


The granny square coat has been revived and I have worked on some more squares. I am close to finishing the 62 squares but, as always happens when I’m working on a large project, I am itching to actually finish something. Finishing a few smaller projects makes me feel more productive and gives me that Finished Object buzz!


Quite some time ago, a friend gave me a bag of garage sale yarn and there were four balls of this Astrakan in it. It reminds me of some poodle-type yarn that I used as a teenager to knit a sweater. THAT didn’t go well. Obviously even if I did understand the importance of gauge at the time, how on earth can you count stitches per inch with this stuff?! The sweater came out huge.

I have this bee in my bonnet about making small gifts for my co-workers. It’s not for Christmas, it’s for anytime, and I like to surprise them with a little something in their baskets now and then. I haven’t done anything for a while, but today I was feeling the urge to make some small things from stash. I spent some time looking at ideas on Ravelry this afternoon and it was VERY hard not to rush down to the yarn stash and start something then and there. However I had a walk, cleaned the bathrooms, watered the plants, put the dinner on like a good wifey and finally was able to check out the stash.

Ooh, this yarn is soft. It was made in Italy, there are 100 grams in a ball (3.57 ounces),  45 metres (49 yards), and it’s 100% acrylic. Perfect stuff for a sheep really. So that’s what I made. I just made it up as I went. You can’t really see where you’re putting the hook so I winged it, made a general sheep shape, stuffed it, added a bit for the top of the head, then made a face and some feet with Stylecraft Special Aran and sewed them on.

Below are photos of my sheep standing and lying down so you can have a proper look!


Now I want to grab a bigger hook and make something else, something snuggly. I wonder if it would make a good cowl.


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