FO: Upscale Slouchy Hat



This slouchy hat is finished. This was supposed to be a one skein project but because I changed the brim from a slipstitch to a ‘single crochet in back loop’ type rib, which resulted in the body of the hat having more V stitches than the original pattern, I ran out of yarn three quarters of the way through.

I took it in to my supervisor, who had started on the slipstitch brim and given up in disgust, and she gave me another ball of yarn to complete it.

This is Red Heart Unforgettable Waves, a thick and thin version of the Unforgettable. The colourway is Riverbank, which is quite pretty in a neutral sort of way. However it does NOT like to be unravelled, so whilst I would have liked to frog it back and make it a bit smaller, that wasn’t an option.

The brim is very stretchy and may be a bit loose when wearing. Hopefully the recipient has a big head, or a lot of hair, or doesn’t mind using a bobby pin (aka hairgrip) to keep the hat on.

I would make this pattern again in the same way, but with perhaps 50 rows of sc-blo instead of 60. That would give me about 25 V stitches which is what the pattern called for.

The 62 squares for the Coatigan are this close to being finished. I am making the last four at the same time, but they won’t get done tonight. I have to get a good night’s sleep. Another big sale at work the next three days so we will undoubtedly be busy. It’s a sociable week, what with a DoTerra essential oils evening, a group healing evening AND a girls’ dinner out.

I may not get the chance to lay out the Coatigan squares until Saturday evening but I will be sure to get a photo.

I hope your weekend is wonderful!



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