Two FOs


I do love those Finished Objects! Quick Finished Objects are even better. Here are two more  that I made – one yesterday and one today.

A garter stitch (yes, it ‘s actually knitting) cowl, made with some obscure Italian garage sale yarn, five strands held together and size 35 (19mm) needles. Ten stitches wide and seamed with a half twist (the twist brings it lower so it doesn’t cover half of my face). This is a selfie taken with wild hair late in the day (I cropped the top of my head where more hair was sticking out).


I didn’t know who it would be for while I was knitting it, but it dawned on me that one of my co-workers wears this shade of purple all the time and so it is for her. It has been handwashed and is drying out on a towel in my living room.

And this one is from a blog called The Fiber Bug. It’s an apple cardigan!

And this is the Ravelry link.


Isn’t it cute! Well, I think so anyhow. I used Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK and a 4mm hook. I was aiming to cover a pretty big apple so I did an extra round of increases at the bottom. This is for another co-worker who has apple trees and this apple was one of a box-full that I bought from her.

This isn’t the first time I’ve made something like this. I made one back in 2009, but didn’t follow a pattern that time.

Coat update: one cuff finished, second one started; a few ends woven in today at work. I would have done more at work but I was offered the chance to leave early – the afternoon staff came in and the manager decided they had sufficient coverage to let a couple of us go home. I never say  no to leaving early!!! I’m such a slacker 😉

Time to go and practise my piano pieces. Then I can make more progress on the coat. Have a happy Friday!




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