Grooyghan: first blocks


The cold that I caught on the plane home last weekend started out pretty mild, but on Friday I was at work and had to have a box of tissues and a bottle of hand sanitiser right next to my cutting station. I did my best  not to spread my germs! But on Saturday I woke up feeling way more congested – my head ached, my nose was running to win a marathon, and I let my manager know that I would not be making it into work on Sunday.

Thankfully I had the Groovyghan Crochet-along to keep me busy at least part of  the time. I completed seven blocks in the last two days, which depending on your personal output may sound a lot or it may sound like a little. Compared to some of the others doing the CAL, it is slow! But it’s not a race, and the first part of the CAL runs for three weeks and has you make the first seven dot blocks.

To make it a little more interesting, I am alternating my dot blocks and going off-piste with some ideas from YarnUtopia’s You Tube channel. Nadia has an amazing resource – a playlist of 365 Granny Squares that she published videos for back in 2016. For full details of the squares I have made from her site, I shall refer you to my Ravelry project page.

Four dot blocks done.

Three alternative blocks done.

My dot blocks are coming out at 8.25″ square so with the alternative blocks I am having to add extra rounds to make up the size.

As long as the yarn lasts, it would be great to make this Groovyghan larger than the pattern suggests. If I could make it big enough to fit my bed, that would be perfect. We shall see…

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