Groovyghan: squares complete


Last time, I showed you my dot squares and granny squares for the Groovyghan CAL. I also showed you four oddball squares that I thought I’d be including in the final blanket.

Well, things have changed. My brain has been going through various options but once I bought the pattern for the Charity Daisy square and crocheted one up, I was in love with it and wanted to make more. When you make your first daisy, you find it is difficult to figure out. I ripped back more than once. However there is a link to a video (which I didn’t use) if you need it. But when you figure out the unusual construction and see the finished result, it really is gorgeous.

My Ravelry project page is here if you want a close-up of all my individual squares. My final choice of squares is the seven grannies, seven daisies, and the seven dot squares BUT with appliques attached to each one to make them more interesting. There is a marijuana leaf, a mushroom, a tree of life, a peace sign, a heart (from one of the discarded blocks), a vintage camper, and a rainbow.




Now I can move on to making the stripe strip which will be a welcome change from squares.


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