New year, new challenge


Awesome article by my sister on her blog, which I have to share here. After nearly 30 years of me being vegan, I am excited that she and her family are headed that way too.

Our Asian Adventure

This article was published in the Jersey Evening Post on 8.1.19

I HAD a penny-dropping moment in 2018. Normally I scroll past YouTube videos on animal rights but for some reason I clicked on ‘The Food Matrix – 101 Reasons to go Vegan’. The speaker was saying that in the United States 300 farm animals die every second. Just read that again. Every second. So in the time it takes you to read just this sentence, that’s about another 1,500 animals slaughtered. (And that’s just the US.)

Are you ok with that?

Personally, I find it unacceptable. No wonder some people are calling it the animal holocaust.

And it’s not just the killing of sentient beings that bothers me. It is the unimaginable suffering that comes with factory-farming.

I had already gone vegetarian last year. This time last year I was telling my sister (she has been vegan for…

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