On a roll



Since my last post, I have made four more bags. I managed to get daylight shots of all five, just before it got too dim outside.

I love sewing days! No outside commitments (except I will go to the gym tonight with Tai Chi Man to counteract my sedentariness). No need to do anything except throw my fleece onesie over my PJs, drink tea, eat a bit, and sew. I set up my laptop on the table behind me so that I could listen to YouTube videos while I played with fabric.

The process is getting quicker, once I’ve made the decision as to which fabrics to put together. First bag today took two hours, the last was more like an hour and a half.

These three use the same range of fabric, but are all different…

And this one uses some cat fabric which has been in the stash for a long time…


I started out by boxing the bottom corners with a 2″ square, but I changed it to 1.5″ and find it looks better. I also now use 32″ of ribbon instead of 36″ as it’s plenty long enough and will make my ribbon go further.

I’d like to keep going with these. Now that I have the method memorised, I am getting more efficient.

And now I need to get back to my bread dough which is rising in readiness for hamburger buns. I have black beans cooking in the pressure cooker to make beanburgers for dinner. Ta ta for now.


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  1. Your bags are awesome! They’re super cute and look really functional as well. Sounds like you had a productive, relaxing sewing day.

  2. Thanks. I’d like to adapt the bag a little, maybe incorporate some inside pockets, but for now I’m keeping them simple. Trying to get a few made for gifts right now.

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