Sock Sacks


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I’ve been having fun this afternoon. A friend of mine was sending me Etsy links last night and we were gasping at the price of ready-made knitter’s project bags (ahem$70ahem). I suppose when you take into account the time it takes to make one, plus fabric and other notions, then the price isn’t totally overboard, but when you have the skillz you say to yourself, “I could totally make that!”


As it happens, one of the Etsy stores mentioned the pattern they were using to make their bags, so I did a quick Google and found the source. It’s Ramona Rose at localredvine and the pattern is for sale here for about $13 Cdn.

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This is a drawstring bag with a divider. The divider can be plain or it can be a zippered pouch. Built in. So cool! Designed for knitting socks two at a time (which I don’t do) it holds the two balls of yarn separately and has two little tabs inside that snap shut to keep your yarn behaving as you pull it from the skein. (As I said to Mr Fixit, it’s always important to keep your balls separate!!!)

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I possibly could have reverse-engineered it, but with the last week being so frugal, with no purchases except for food, I’ve saved more than $13 on gas, lattes and the like. So I thought, to heck with it, and bought it.


And I’ve already made two. The mushroom/turquoise flower fabric, which I am in LOVE with, was my first. It stands about seven inches tall.

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And the pink camper van bag is about 9.5 inches tall. Here they are side by side. I just realised that this design has everything – a drawstring, a zipper AND snaps.


There is a larger size yet, but considering the depth (back to front) of these guys, I don’t think you need to go bigger! But of course it depends on what you want to carry in it.

Just to prove I really am in love with that floral fabric, here’s a photo to show you that I now have a total of four coordinated items that I can’t bear to give away! The wallet at the top is in daily use. So glad I bought some of that fabric before it sold out at work.



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  1. Thank you. I have a small stash of quilting cottons. Because I work in a fabric store, I see some beautiful stuff, some of which just HAS to come home with me. I usually wait for it to go on clearance, but sometimes I grab it quickly before it sells out.

  2. I’m placing an order soon with fabricville because I need zippers. We could save shipping if you wanted to add something.

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