More sanity-saving stash sewing


I’m rather pleased with this bag. It isn’t interfaced with anything, so there are just two layers of quilting cotton. However, I challenged myself to design a bag with multiple compartments (inspired by the divided SockSacks) AND make it a round bottomed bag.

As I said on Facebook just now, I faced my nemesis and WON! I dislike sewing a circle into a cylinder because it usually takes a couple of attempts to get it right. In the case of the external fabric, I had to cut a whole new piece as my first one was too short. The lining, however, was a bit too big, so I just made a new seam inside the first one and did a bit of trimming to fit.

The partitions worked out just right, and even the seam around the top edge, which started to look weird and made me think I’d have to take in some fabric on one of the seams, worked out fine. All in all, a success!

Other items completed this week:

More little boxes from Lizzy Curtis (without the interfacing and with a slightly different construction to make the top edge neater). An experimental mask from an Erica Arndt tutorial. And a little coin purse from a JSDaily tutorial. (All YouTube.)

I ventured out this morning to see whether I could do a shop at Costco. I left it a little late though, as by the time I got there, there was already a massive queue, in the shade, and it was only 2 degrees Celsius, so I told my son (who was driving) to forget it. We have enough food to see us through into next week.

I hope you are managing okay, whether you are working or not, and that you are staying healthy. Remember, fear and stress lower the immune system so keep calm and carry on!


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  1. Lovely bags. I ventured out to the grocery store too, but went in the dedicated senior hour, took an hour in total from leaving home to getting back.

  2. We have had hail and snow showers this week. It can feel warm in the sun when you’re out of the wind. And we do have daffodil shoots in the garden. So spring is limping in slowly!

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