Sewing room blitz


It was time for a clean-up! After sewing a number of projects, things are always out of place, messy, strewn about, and the creative chaos feels just like…chaos!

Tonight I did a blitz. Well, more of a semi-blitz as I didn’t touch everything in the room. But the plan was to move the folding table under the window for more natural light during the day. That freed up the entire centre of the room. Yarn and fabric were stuffed in cubbies/bags/drawers. The ironing board was moved against the whiteboard wall. I brought in an extra wire cube section that had been housing my shoes in the utility room. I needed to maximise the space I had.

This room used to be ds1’s bedroom which is why it has the heavy furniture in it that he acquired himself. It’s useful, if not pretty.

Anyway, here are the before shots:


Table in the middle of the room, ironing board under the window, yarn and fabric spilling over


Pile of fabric on left threatening to fall! New machine on cutting table, old machine on right




Batting on the floor, yarn swift and junk on desk, quilting cottons in disarray, oh my!

It took a couple of hours, some organisation and some vacuuming, but it is once again a room that’s pleasant to be in. Whether I like working in my new set-up is yet to be confirmed!


New machine under window, cutting station on corner desk, batting in box


Yarn more compactly shelved, clear horizontal surface, denim and jeans underneath, knitting needles and crochet hooks at far right of desk


Added wire cubes holding quilt cottons and patterns, swift above with knitting machine and blocking mats


Bag collection – some I use, some are waiting for their forever home – white drawer units hold fabric and notions


Ironing board set up, both machines on same table with lamp, bobbins and pressing mat

I see I didn’t get around to straightening the granny square on my chair! But I am looking forward to my next project now that things are tidy again.


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