Birthday weekend!


I am in the middle of three days off, tomorrow being Monday and my birthday.

We didn’t manage an overnight camping/cabin trip, sadly, as it was too late to book anything and I didn’t want to just show up somewhere and hope to get a campsite. So instead we went out for the day, Mr Fixit and I, and were tourists in our own town. Well, our own province, rather. We drove to a good hiking spot that we’d been to before, separately. I had been there with my youngest son and some homeschool friends years ago, and Mr Fixit had taken ds1 and ds3 up there when they all had new fancy cameras to test out.

We set out early enough for it to still be cool enough to hike up a mountain without dying of heat, though in fact it only reached about 25 today, and there was quite a bit of cloud. Word from other hikers was that there were two bears about, but we didn’t see them. We hiked to the summit, enjoyed the view for a while, then hiked down.

Afterwards, it was off to a local vegan restaurant for lunch (they are allowing people to eat at their outside tables) and then to a park for some beach time. It was really windy and definitely not hot, surprisingly for August, but I swam and sunbathed, and Mr Fixit read his book. If it had been hotter, we would definitely have stayed longer. I didn’t feel like I was topping up the tan at all, though sitting here on my couch tonight I can see my shoulders are a bit red.

Avocado grilled “cheese” sandwich
Ginger snap and oatmeal choc chip!

And as if that wasn’t enough fresh air and exercise, I also spent a couple of hours cleaning the house this evening, which feels awesome as it was overdue.

Tomorrow I shall have to make myself a birthday cake! Not sure what kind yet – it will depend on ingredients on hand as I didn’t think of that when we went to the supermarket yesterday. I will leave you with this little sign that we found along the trail today.

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  1. Happy happy birthday! What a great day. I too usually have to bake my own birthday cake πŸŽ‚

  2. – Good Morning Nicola and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    What a great day out . Well planned ! The only part I would not do is the beach and swimming. I wish someone would list all the local Restaurants which are vegan /vegetarian !

    Where is the Salty Caramel ? When we want to go out, cannot think of one . Usually go to Lake Tai and then no worries.

    Thanks for blogging. …………rayne πŸ°πŸ’•πŸŽΆπŸŽ‡ Have a great day.

  3. Hi, the Salty Caramel Kitchen is all vegan and not far from you. Drive up Oceola and head down to the lakeshore – it faces Okanagan Lake. There are so many vegan places now – we haven’t been to them all. Naked Cafe, Lake Tai, Frankie We Salute You. Vegan options are getting more common now, thankfully.

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