New goodies


Before I show you what came in the mail today, I need to show you this:

I made this from some old black jeans of mine, and a black T shirt that my son grew out of. It was one of the first things he bought for himself online years ago. I used the part with the words for the bag front and the lower body for the lining.

Another sewing project was this free pattern from Sew Sweetness called the Persimmon Dumpling Pouch. I used quilting cottons and some upcycled denim.

(Yes, that’s my birthday cake behind.)

I felt I did a really good job on the zipper, but unfortunately when you look at the ends of the bag it is painfully obvious that I didn’t match up my denim seams (where it meets the colourful cotton, either side of the zipper) very well and it looks wonky. Apart from that, it’s a really nice bag!!

And now, to my Wool Warehouse order. As soon as they opened up to international orders again, I was there, filling up my cart. I bought two kinds of white cotton yarn, Drops Safran and Drops Paris. I will do some dye experiments with those. And I was tempted by some lovely India-inspired fabric – I think the range was called New Delhi – of which I bought six fat quarters. And then there are the hooks – 17 of them altogether – all the sizes that Wool Warehouse carries in the Knit Pro Waves. Very exciting! In fact, I may have to sew a brand new hook roll to keep them in. I have wanted a set of hooks for a long time, rather than a mismatched bunch of miscellany!

How apropos that they arrived on my birthday!

I am now sitting here, absolutely stuffed after a takeout meal from one of our favourite places and a huge slice of vanilla/chocolate marble cake. It’s been an awesome weekend!

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  1. Lots of great items in the mail, and all those wonderful hooks. And lovely it all arrived for your birthday. Happt birthday.

  2. Thanks for sending. How creative . I do nothing basically in the way of Crafts. Have great ideas and keep several on hand but need to finish up other areas . Like the bags ! I have material for the sweater you are crocheting . Ready to go.


  3. Efficient use of crafting time. All useful items and look very nice. I can see the India influence on the pieces of material. Couple years ago, was in New Delhi – they must send out all their fabrics internationally. Never see that many different ones. I got quite a pretty dress though with “the look”.
    Doing so much crochetting, a matched set is needed. The in-between sizes are usually more difficult to find .
    Thanks for sending Nicola. Enjoy.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Rayne. That post is from August last year. I usually bake my own birthday cakes!!!

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