FOs: crochet handwarmers


Hello friends, and a happy Monday to you.

I’ve been having a heck of a time getting a focused shot of these handwarmers/fingerless mitts. I am using an old iPad, but still, the camera should be working ok. Maybe the lens is scratched.

It’s been nice to run up three pairs of these mitts out of old stash, as I was so entrenched in Netflix that I had been feeling VERY unproductive. These are really easy. Just chain 26, work 25 sc across, and then every row after that is 25 sc into the back loop. Once 22 rows are done, I slipstitch the first and last rows together until 8 stitches are left, slipstitch across 5 stitches on one side so as to leave a thumbhole, and then join the last 3 together. That’s it!

The yarn is Loops & Threads Barcelona in Sea Glass and Lapis. Super soft and a bulky weight, I used a 6mm hook and they were done in no time.

I was off this weekend and we had a great time. A walk along the waterfront on Saturday followed by tea at our favourite place, and a potluck with a few friends on Sunday followed by another walk around the neighbourhood in the dark to try to feel a little less overstuffed and lazy!

The last snowfall has mostly melted and it’s not particularly cold yet. Single digits on the Celsius scale anyhow. The trees have mostly lost their leaves and yesterday, when we were eating lunch and looking out of our dining room window, the sun was shining on the lake in the distance (something we see more of when the walnut tree is sans leaves) and it was beautiful.

I feel like, with this being such a weird year, we should make more of an effort to make December special this year. I suggested it to the family but they couldn’t some up with any ideas. I like the idea of a RAK Advent Calendar (random acts of kindness). Guess I’m going to have to put some thought into this.

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  1. Lovely. I have tried taking photos of my hand in gloves/wrist warmers/mittens and it’s not the camera that blurs the picture it is my wobbly hand holding the camera , knowing it is all it’s own! No pressure 😉

  2. Hello , The pictures were very clear ! Thanks for instructions . Soon we are going to need these ! What an early Winter – our cherry trees still have their leaves and one of the maple trees. They got unaware too.

    Not much walking happening here. We have stairs in the house so I think I may be doing a little bit of cardio . My legs scream Stop It .
    I am thinking Loops and Threads is sold in Kelowna ?
    Always a treat to hear from you. ……….Missed your last post but going there now. …..rj

  3. Yes, holding a phone and taking a photo with one hand isn’t too bad, but an iPad Mini…well it’s a stretch! Literally!

  4. Hi Rayne. Yes, Loops & Threads is Michaels’ brand. Not sure if they are still selling the Barcelona – I’ve had it for ages!

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