Flowery journal

Flowery journal

I finished this journal today. It’s SO much easier putting one together when you know who it’s for. The cover was made a while back, and I had added some watercolour-painted paper and some pages from an adult colouring book. I decided that this would be a gift for one of the ladies at work who is leaving soon, so I added some plain sketchbook paper and some gridded paper. One of her interests is pencil drawing.

I added an insert for the middle of the book that was made in a similar way to the crochet hook roll I made recently for my new KnitPro Waves hooks. It uses the same fabric as the cover, fits perfectly inside, and has two pockets on the left of the spine and six pencil slots on the right.

I do hope she likes it.

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  1. Hi. If she does not like, you will have a lot of takers. What a personalized gift ! thanks for showing.

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