Christmassy scrappy gifty things

Christmassy scrappy gifty things

It’s time for a weekend off and I have been sewing again. Mr Fixit was supposed to be on holiday this week but in reality he has had to be available for calls and texts and has also opened up his work laptop a few times. Today he needed to be involved with a move and he even took ds3 with him for an extra pair of hands.

My day alone started out nice and slowly with my usual checking of emails, Facebook and Ravelry. After breakfast I went for a walk around the neighbourhood for about 40 minutes, so I wouldn’t feel guilty for sitting down later on. I prepped the dough for chocolate babka and went downstairs to my sewing room.

I don’t think our family will be doing much in the way of gifts this year, but I made my three sons their very own gnomes! These little guys are about 8″ tall and are made from fleece, faux fur, beads and a little embroidery floss. The boys were tickled pink by them and I hope they enjoy hanging them on the tree every year from now on.

Two other completed projects were these cuffs. I recall seeing something like this on a YouTube video – it may have been StitchesByJulia. I didn’t look it up, just went from memory. The one with the two tone button will be for me. I forgot to include the loop of elastic in the seam so it’s sewn on at the end, and it really should be shorter. The one with the silvery button will be given away. I made sure to do the elastic right that time!

I’d like to make more of these. I have a large turtle button made from coconut shell that I bought in Maui, so I feel a cuff with turquoise fabrics would look great with that.

I also finished another couple of scrappy tree ornaments with cinnamon stick trunks.

Between all the sewing play, I did get a good dinner made. We had chestnut lentil loaf with mushroom gravy and roast potatoes and roasted cauliflower. And of course the aforementioned chocolate babka (bread).

Another quiet day to look forward to tomorrow. With the covid restrictions, our work’s Christmas dinner was postponed. I do hope we will be able to have it in January. I have my Secret Santa gift all ready!

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