Oops, I missed some yarn


I was feeling pretty accomplished after last night’s stash organisation and today I was reading a thread on Ravelry which someone started called Flash Your Stash 2021. There is a thread like that every year and while I didn’t post my photos in there I did have a realisation that I hadn’t included my WIPs in yesterday’s blog post.

Works in Progress are kinda sorta part of the stash. After all, they aren’t FOs, and there may well be some yarn left over when they are finished that will end up in the stash. So tonight I pulled my two WIPs (yes, only two) out of their bags in the living room next to my end of the sofa and laid them out.

The Turtle Dove sweater is almost done. I bought 10 balls of the Cygnet Chunky from Wool Warehouse especially for this project and I will have over 4 balls left when I’m done.

This colour doesn’t photograph well in artificial light. I have a little bit of ribbing to finish on one cuff and then a second sleeve to knit.

The other WIP is one that has been hibernating for a really long time. Thanks to my Ravelry project page, I can see that I cast on this blanket on October 14th 2019. Yes, you read that right. It’s been hanging around for 15 months. I have a strong suspicion I should unravel it and maybe start a crochet one instead. I’m not loving the colour combination so far.

All of these worsted weight acrylics were intended to go into the blanket but I became less inspired by them as the blanket grew! Maybe one evening I will enjoy some mindless frogging and plan something new.

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  1. I do not think you should unravel it… the colors are beautiful.. have you ever knit prayer shawls??? I knit them from all my left over yarns… not sure how many I have done over many years… I am 80 years old..my arthritis has taken over quick  and precise knitting .. not gonna quit…I start about three or four prayer/friendship shawls… I find the right person to give to when a happening occurs… sudden cancer diagnosis.. a young son suddenly dies.. hubby dies.. my color combo always finds a recipient.. all of them say how the shawl hugs them.. makes them feel comfy…. I shall accompany some attachments of the left over yarn shawls which have been welcomed by all of my friends.

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  2. These cannot be forgotten ! Especially the sweater, Like the color of it . It will be needed for a little more time.
    Way more material than I have.

  3. Too late Liz. I went ahead and did it. When I saw how wide it was, off the needles, I’m glad I did. Though the reverse side was prettier, so it gave me an idea for reverse stockinette projects in future. I have made a couple of prayer shawls in my time, and yes, they were much appreciated. xx

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