Among Us


I have only a basic understanding of what this video game is all about, but my first exposure to the little characters was via Ravelry. I saw crocheted amigurumi with legs but no arms, backpacks and what looked like visors on. Well, I found a quick pattern and made a pink one.

Then I made a yellow one.

Then I made a green one. Eeek, I can’t stop. They are very cute, even though in the game they are actually killing each other!!

I’ll link to my Ravelry project page. The pattern I used had to be adapted somewhat as I found it a little too “bare bones” and in one place completely incomprehensible. There are others out there. Just use Ravelry’s advanced search. You’ll find them.

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  1. Good Morning Nicola,

    This is a game? Going to be a quiet one as the pieces are moved. Have not looked for the pattern yet.
    Not at all interested in the video stuff, just crochet ! Seems always so violent . No fun.

    Nothing happening in this end of the woods – You so kindly keep me in touch with the kinder needlework arts.

  2. It’s a computer game. Not one I’ve played myself though. It’s just fun to crochet the little guys and amuse the boys!

  3. Yes, keep up the good games. I never have time to just play lately.
    Like the quiet nature of the game !

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