It’s been a mixed bag of weather this week. We’ve had rain, sun, and both at the same time, hence the rainbow. The heat peaked in the high 30s and dropped again. Tonight we have high winds.

There have been rainbows in my sewing room too.

This fleece dress, pj pants and slippers are from a McCall’s pattern. I made a sweater with cowl neck from the same pattern about a year ago and this time I decided to make this bright combo for the June Pride display at work.

Here it is in place with some rainbow fabric and feather boas. I had two days off so made the pants and slippers on Day 1 and the dress on Day 2. I used my walking foot and a Schmetz Microtex needle (for those interested) along with a zigzag stitch for the seams and the fleece sewed up beautifully.

My other small finished object is this ice cream pint cosy. It’s from a blog called kathysewsclothes.wordpress.com. It’s pretty easy except for turning it through the small gap and topstitching, which was a bit of a struggle. I guess I need to buy some (vegan) ice cream now to test it out. Even if I don’t use it for ice cream, I’m sure I could find another use for it. It would probably make a good plant pot cosy too!

It’s a work weekend for me and four days of work in a row, so not much happening in the evenings except for eating, Netflix and vegging! We have inventory time coming up at work and we’re already deep into the preparation, attaching tags to the fabrics for weighing day.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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  1. Nicola, Such a good idea displaying an item already sewn for public to view. Helps them , like me, to visualize the finished garment/piece.

    Actually, the colors are in the correct order as the rainbow- close : roybiv (red, orange,yellow,blue
    ++) No green.

    Wrote your suggestions re needle and website. That outfit looks so cozy .

    Always, thank for sending. …

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