FO: Age of Brass and Steam

FO: Age of Brass and Steam

Ta Dah!

I really loved knitting this shawlette. I came out of a yarny dry spell, picked two hanks of Cascade Ultra Pima Paints out of my stash, and cast on.

The pattern is simple, with bands of stockinette alternated with thin bands of garter eyelets. The garter tab at the very beginning was a teeny bit fiddly so I went down a needle size and knitted 8 teeny rows instead of 6. This seemed to work better with picking up the stitches afterwards.

I used 150 grams of yarn, so 1.5 skeins, and it’s the perfect size to wear with the triangular tip in front. It benefited from a good wash and blocking to open up the stitches and smooth out the edges.


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  1. Ha Ha . Buddha looks good . Perfect color.
    It did turn out so great – has a fine look to it. I find in winter, a scarf of that shape is the warmest – point in front.
    The knitting instructions won’t help me . Just lazy crochetter (new word?) Thanks for sending.


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