Sewing garments

Sewing garments

I’m feeling very proud of myself this week. I completed a plaid shirt and the pattern stripes line up and it actually fits. I’m gobsmacked.

It has a collar, collar band, cuffs, a yoke that I cut on the bias, an extra seam in each sleeve leading to the cuff opening, separate front bands and (eek) buttonholes!

It mostly went well though I did unpick the sleeve seams and shave an inch off the body at the shoulders so that it didn’t look like I was wearing something that was way too big.

And I shortened the front and back by two inches at the pattern cutting stage which turned out just right. The sleeves could have been shortened by an inch or so but that’s a minor thing as I will wear the sleeves rolled up anyway.

I estimate it took me about 16 hours so I’m very glad it was all worth it in the end.

A much quicker project followed on its heels. I bought the pattern and fabric while the shirt was still in progress. It was being modelled on the front of the McCall’s pattern book and I made a quick decision to make one. I guess you’d call it a swoncho!

Yes, lots of positive ease. But so comfy. It’s a fairly thin rib knit and it was really easy and quick to make. Only four pattern pieces.

Next up will probably be some reusable snack bags. I have lots of cotton and a metre of white ripstop nylon for the lining and plenty of zippers.

Happy crafting!

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  1. The colors of the shirt suit you so well. Good job. I so seldom look at patterns but it may be time to have a peak ! Sure looks like a useful piece .Glad you are using the pieces left over. Read so much about clothes etc. into the landfill when they can be recycled.

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