Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today and I am feeling thankful for many things.

Walking in the sunshine

Sewing with colourful fabrics

Eating good food

Family, friends, and you, dear readers.

It’s been a beautiful day, warm sun, cool air, leaves turning, squirrels gathering.

Dinner was fairly simple, just stuffed portobellos and roasted vegetables. The potatoes came from our garden and the purple cauliflower, carrots and Brussels sprouts came from the farmers market. We had apple crumble made with local Mac apples.

I’ve been sewing small drawstring bags with cottons from the stash. I need 24 small ones for my self-created yarn Advent calendar plus a larger one for the new knitting needle set which I’ll open on December 25th.

I had a production line going this afternoon but had to stop to cook dinner. Now that’s out of the way, I can get back to it.

My knitting and crochet WIPs haven’t changed much.

And I’m really enjoying this new tea from my favourite tea shop, with frothy soy milk and maple syrup.

I hope you all have a great week.

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  1. Yes, we do have lots to be thank ful for . Not sure where these days have gone. Had some written work to finish . The Restaurant I was going to do a take-out , was not open . Had to make my own big meal. Those portobellos are so good. Use them after frying, in a bun with lot of lettuce, tomato, relish etc. Thanks for reminding me. Trips to the store are down now as working out of the freezer to clear-out.
    Cute pumpkins and I have one I got from you years ago. Comes in in the Fall.
    Take care………..rj

  2. Your veggie Thanksgiving dinner looks yummy!! I think I’ll spoil myself on Thanksgiving and enjoy some stuffing. I love your idea of making small drawstring bags from colorful fabrics for an advent calendar. Something to file away for future use. This year I still bought 2×2 favor boxes for my minis that will go into advent calendars.

  3. I finished the bags yesterday and ordered some numbered Christmas stickers from etsy too!

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