Blogmas Day 7


We didn’t sleep well last night but that isn’t unusual in a strange bed. We’re used to a firm queen size futon, not a sprung double.

My poor car is filthy!

We had a lovely walk along the lakefront in the town to the north. There’s a wildlife sanctuary there and we saw lots of ducks, a pheasant and some other birds. It was around freezing and we were bundled up so we were very comfortable.

We really love living the high life, by which I mean time in nature, picking up more books at the library and a few groceries at the supermarket!

Today’s yarn: candy floss plus a mottled brown bead. I froze my bare feet getting these photos by the hot tub.

And my YouTube channel rec for today is Erica Arndt. She has some great tutorials for stuff to sew and she’s vlogging this month too.

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  1. The train could be a waker-upper? I like trains so a plus for me. Nice area with that sanctuary and pleased to know they are with us. Think a few books will be finished this retreat !

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