Blogmas Day 8


We woke up to falling snow today. It was a dark morning but we were warm and cosy inside our cabin.

On the table: Scrabble game from last night, a cup of tea, my current novel, pens and notebook so I could plan out a new crochet beanie, yarn from the O’Go put-up which I hand-wound into its separate colours, and a small piece of crochet which is the start of a hat brim.

My idea of heaven!

We did get out though. Being inside is made more precious by being outside.

We drove to a different small town and enjoyed a walk along a snowy beach.

We even found a bit of sun. And some frozen waterfalls.

And when we got back, we had a nice soak in the hot tub.

And now we’re settled in for the night and I have opened my Advent yarn.

Happy happy happy!

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