Blogmas Day 9


After a slow start to the day, Mr Fixit and I headed north to check out a store called Thread and Paper and also to pick up more bread.

That store is beautiful. Quilting cottons, yarn, scrapbooking supplies, sewing machines…it has it all. So many things to see and drool over. If I lived there, I think I’d be in every week.

As you can see, we finally strapped on the snowshoes and enjoyed some quiet snowy nature time at the nearby cross-country trails.

That was of course followed by a soak in the hot tub.

Today’s Advent yarn is grey with another pretty mottled bead.

My podcast rec is The Last Homely House. She’s Kate from Northumberland and she is doing daily videos (but only on Patreon) talking about a different Christmas movie every day.

If you don’t want to be a patron, her channel is lovely anyway. Or you could sign up for the minimum $1 level and get access to her Advent vlogs.

It’s Mr Fixit’s birthday today. I surprised him with a gift this year (we don’t always do that). He seems happy with his new long sleeved T shirt and puffer vest. Tomorrow is our 34th wedding anniversary which is why we have created this tradition of going away together every December.

I hope you’re enjoying your December.

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  1. Gosh birthdays and Anniversaries together ! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GENTLEMAN. Good place to celebrate I say.

    I should talk. We manage to forget our Anniversary every year because it is close to Hubby’s birthday. We have a few more years of marriage but 34 years is a good number .

    Lovely area. Such a great store …

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