Blogmas Day 10


Our last full day at the cabin was pretty uneventful. A short outing, time in the hot tub, a couple of board games, some knitting and crochet and a movie.

See that little squirrel? He/she has been our constant companion. We’ve been  putting seed in the birdfeeder every day and I think the squirrel thinks it’s his/hers. It runs around at high speed, up and down the trees, along the railings, and brings leaves and berries into the feeder.

The highest ledge that screens the hot tub is one of its favourite perches. And in that photo it’s enjoying some of our walnuts.

I made a little progress on the scarf. As you can see I’m using an appropriate project bag for the time of year.

And of course I opened bag #10 of my Advent calendar.  We’ll be home tomorrow and I’ll get to see the over-the-top light display that the boys strung up in our absence. (I was sent a short video!)

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  1. Pretty nice time I would say. Having a little animal partake with you adds to the enjoyment . Take care coming back. Happy Holidays.

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