Blogmas Day 20


A finished object! The O’Go with the Flow scarf is done. It’s very long but I wanted to use the whole 200 grams.

I love the soft colours in this.

We had a little more snow today, the light, gentle, meandering kind, no wind. Our weather station is reading minus 5 at about 5.30pm and we’re expecting it to drop to about -10°C tonight.

I went out today and bought a few more groceries (now that my meal plan is decided upon for the next week) and gifts.

Last of the daylight.

Advent yarn #20.

The sacks for my three sons are now by the tree but I have one more idea for adding to one of them.

Dinner is cooking and once that’s all over it’ll be back to the sewing room. And tomorrow is baking day!

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  1. Good morning Nicola. That scarf is long and will wrap around several times. The colors are lovely – soft . Worked out well. Those sacks look full ! Merry Christmas to all . It is coming fast. Take care in the this very cold time.

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