Blogmas Day 25


Christmas Day is coming to a close. Our weather station is reading minus 12 (that’s 10°F)! It’s snowing and you can guarantee that we’ll be shoveling the drive tomorrow morning. It’s a good thing I bought a balaclava for Mr Fixit for Christmas.

I’ve been looking forward to opening these beauties all month!

So my day has basically been baking, more baking, Lego building, walking in the snow to burn off some of the baking, and watching the latest James Bond. (I was well-bundled up for the walk but the exposed skin on my face hurt whenever there was the tiniest hint of wind.)

Dinner was just soup, so that part was easy.

No plans for tomorrow except keeping warm, really!

Thanks for joining me on my blogmas journey.

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  1. It is Boxing Day already ! No shopping for me – more getting rid of day.
    Wow the baking is wonderful and nice to see . Those cinnamon buns are perfect.

    I had a complete Christmas dinner – all the trimmings . No complaints.
    Thanks Nicola for letting us in on the journey. Now, what will you make with the advent items?

    Very drifting snow day here -15C. Colder at the airport. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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