The blanket that took over the living room


It’s growing!

I measured and weighed this baby last night. It’s 64 inches across (the same as my height) and weighs 4lbs. That’s about 1.6 metres and 1800 grams.

I put it on my bed which is a queen-size futon and it needs to be bigger!

The yarn was running out so I did some weighing and calculations. The last black round used up 45 grams. So my conclusion was that I had enough for 12 more rounds which would add another 10 inches or so and that I needed to boost the stash a little.

I went to Michaels and looked around for the best options. It didn’t need to be the best quality yarn as long as it didn’t feel horrible running through my hands.

I ended up with the budget-friendly Craft Smart 200 gram skeins ($3.99) for the grey and five other colours, but had to get Bernat Super Value ($6.99) for the black as there was no black in the Craft Smart.

This basketfull plus the black and grey should see me to the end of this project.

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  1. Going to be different covering for the bed – and warm. One needs to know how to do Math . as a Crochetter (such a word?) . This granny square is growing ….

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