A small finish


I had some friends over this week to knit and crochet and drink tea. One wanted me to teach her to make these face scrubbies. They are just simple circles and after the knit night I ended up using the last of my Knit Picks Dishie to make eight of them. I also had fun making a Fidget Ball (which could be used to wash your face) from a video by The Crafts Channel.

The granny square blanket is almost six feet across now. I think that one round each of the five new colours I showed you last time, plus the black and grey in between, should result in about 80 inches and at that point I think I’ll call it done.

I have bagged up the small balls and there’s over two pounds of those, enough to make another scrap project. Or I could just take them to the thrift store.

We’ve had some mild days lately and I had a lovely walk along the waterfront with a friend this week.

I hope all is well with you and that you’re making time for creativity.

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