Catching up…

Catching up…

Hi everyone. It’s been a couple of weeks. Hope you’re all doing well.

Exciting news in my world. I got braces!

Of course I had to choose turquoise elastics as that’s my fave colour. So far, only the top row has been fitted. I’ll get the bottom row in August.

It’s been a week now and I’ve had to relearn how to eat! Chewing is getting easier but certain foods are out of bounds. Flossing and brushing after every meal takes ages. And I lost a pound a day the first four days!

I’ll have these for at least 18 months, possibly two years. I’ve wanted braces since I was 15! Finally I have realized my dream, in time for my 60th birthday.

I have a few FOs. This is the Stash to Treasure batwing sweater. A really easy crochet pattern that I found on Ravelry, I made it with Cygnet Chunky (more like an aran weight) and Knit Picks Brava Worsted.

It’s not the most flattering garment but the idea was to make it for the Vegan Knitters and Crocheters group Totally Tubular 80s KAL with stash yarn and I succeeded in that!

These three quick items were from tutorials by The Sewing Studio on YouTube. A storage basket, a scissor keeper and a tissue holder. I’ve had this cat/mouse/bird fabric in the stash for quite a long time and thought one of my coworkers would like it. I left them in her drawer at work.

And a bit more excitement today, but not the fun kind. I noticed new dark floaters in my eye and called my ophthalmologist who fitted me in immediately. Turns out it was a small bleed in a vein. The bleeding had stopped by the time he was shining bright lights into my dilated pupils but I’ll just have to get used to the floaters as there’s nowhere for them to go.

I’ve had to be alert for sudden changes in my vision for years now. I have what’s called a pseudo lamellar hole in the back of my right eye and I was really worried this morning that I might have a detached retina. Thankfully it wasn’t – it was actually some scar tissue popping off and causing the vein to hemhorrage, so that’s why I was seeing weird stuff in my vitreous. The back of my eye actually looks better now.

Pic for clarity

The timing sucks – no bending or lifting allowed just as we head into inventory time at work. Next Wednesday is the big weighing day but I will have to avoid joining in with the more physical stuff, which is kind of a shame as it’s part of the fun!

Ah well, that’s it for now. Lots more project planning happening – baby quilt, knitted cardigan – which I’ll talk about next time.

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  1. Hey. It is never to late . Glad getting braces has happened.

    Sorry to hear about the eyes – You are young and vigorous so this will pass. Take care. As always, love your projects. So creative.

  2. Thanks Rayne. Nearly 60 doesn’t feel young some days! But mostly I feel good and energetic! Take care xx

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