Falling into winter

Falling into winter

What a difference a day makes! Top photo, the large walnut was still glowing yellow. Today, with a dip in the temperature below freezing, the leaves went Whoomp! Yes, that is a technical term.

I had a good long walk around the neighbourhood yesterday and couldn’t resist whipping out my phone for some photos.

Loving the fall colours.

Tonight Mr Fixit and I went to the gym for a class. There were a few snowflakes blowing around when we arrived but by the time we came out it was a blizzard. It’ll be interesting to see if it sticks overnight.

I am pleased that I remembered to make my Christmas mincemeat already. This lovely mixture of dried fruit and spices is an annual essential for me and the recipe I use calls for you to make it 6 weeks ahead.

So that’s what I did!

Now that I have a good supply of dried fruit in the pantry, I wonder if it’s too early to make a fruit cake 🤔

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  1. Hi. It is snowing here near the airport. Can’t believe it.
    Thanks for recipe and is it okay to share with others ? Looks so good.
    I think it is time to make the cakes so they can blend flavors . Every year I say I will make them – old recipe – nope . Nothing.

  2. Never to early to make three fruit cake! One for now, one for Christmas and one for January!!!
    I’m going to make your mincemeat next week. Any hints for the apple variety that works best?

  3. Of course you can share the recipe. I make my Christmas cake(s) close to Christmas because they don’t keep as long as the ones that are full of alcohol!

  4. I’ll make one for now and wait til later for more. No booze in them so vest to eat them fresh. Today’s mincemeat has Macintosh apples. They cook down well and taste a little tart so I think they are a good choice.

  5. Thanks. Never thought of that as my mother never put alcohol in hers. Forget when she made them actually.

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