A new onesie for me…

A new onesie for me…

And for a toy dog!

I built a new display at work this week. I have a mannequin sitting at a table, supposedly sewing. My old Janome is in front of her and she has a pet dog on the table which I have dressed appropriately.

It’s a proper dog coat for a not-very-big dog, complete with hood and pocket – very cute!

It took me four hours because it was fiddly in places and, oh boy, did that fluffy backing shed everywhere or what!

I made it in the evening after work and was up til midnight.

The next night after work my eyes were drooping by 8pm.

So today being a day off, I made the next item on my To Do list. A fleece onesie for the mannequin. She is currently getting chilly in just a T shirt. The fabric is a red and black buffalo plaid fleece, which is probably the most popular print that we sell. It screams CANADA!

I made this in my size as it will be mine once the display is taken down. This took about 4 hours too. The zipper gave me a bit of grief!

Both of these garments are from this pattern, and I made the large size in both.

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