It was a snowy night and when we drove home this morning the first 15 minutes involved some pretty deep snow on the road.

Once we got to the highway, it was just wet so it was a straightforward drive, going through rain by the lake and then finding ourselves back above the snowline at home.

It’s falling now and looks like it’s set in for the day.

One of the first things I did when I got back was line my beanie. Crochet lets the wind through a bit too much when it’s below freezing so I found a remnant of turquoise fleece, measured my hat, and ran up a quick liner.

I measured the circumference at the brim, with the hat lying flat on the table. It was 23 inches. I also measured the depth from brim to centre top which was about 7.5 inches. So I cut a strip of fleece (with the stretch going the long way) that was 23 x 8. I wanted the finished circumference of the lining to be a bit smaller than the hat, and once I’d sewn the two short ends together with a half-inch seam allowance it was just right. Once the seam was sewn, I laid the tube on the table with the seam at one side and eyeballed a curved corner at the top right. I folded it in half so I could cut the opposite corner the same. And then I opened it up and refolded it so the uncut corners were at right and left and cut them the same way. Then I sewed two sections together along the curve, followed by the opposite two sections, and finally the seam that went across the top of the head.

It worked perfectly and all I had to do after that was turn a small hem and handstitch it in along the brim.

My Elevation cardigan by Make and Do Crew is coming along. I’ve finished the first 200 gram skein of brown and now I’m onto the cinnamon.

And I have opened today’s Advent yarn…

The colours are so pretty together.

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  1. The snow scene is so beautiful… looks cold but am envious of all the beauty which surround you… you are one lucky lady to live where you do??? Happy Holidays

  2. Please include more scenery of your area when posting… my age no longer allows me to travel far thus it is a joy to see other parts of the US I never got to… I was born in
    Japan and did not come to US til I turned 17…
    So curious about other areas…😄❤️🍀

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