2022 crochet and knit FOs


A quick roundup of my FOs for this year.

Just screenshots from Ravelry – if you want a better look at my project pages just head on over and have a poke around. https://www.ravelry.com/projects/NicolaKnits

I love tracking things on Ravelry. It’s always interesting to look back on the things I’ve made and sometimes my project pages have helpful notes so I can make the same thing again. Some years I’ve finished 60 or even 80 items! My production has slowed as I make fewer accessories now and more sweaters which take longer. And that’s OK.

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  1. Hello Nicola, I did poke around in Ravelry. Is everything shown what you completed in 2022 . That is fantastic to say the least. They are finished beautifully. Thanks for directing us there. Happy New Year. You can rest now .

  2. The projects pictured in that post are my finished projects for this year, yes. Not counting sewn ones of course. Happy New Year to you and Perry.

  3. That is amazing and good planning of time. Always appreciate seeing your projects in progress and completed. Finished nicely and photographed to details can be seen. Nice.

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