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I love the idea of yarnbombing, or knitted graffiti. Leaving colourful pieces of knitting or crochet attached to railings, trees or whatever is, I think, something that can brighten people’s day without being destructive or hard to remove.

I do have a lot of spare yarn which I could use right now, but knitting the pieces takes me away from other (more useful) projects. I did find the time to machine-knit the short red scarf in the photo and hand-knit the blue one. What better use is there for fun fur and eyelash after all?!

I have a particular sculpture in mind to tie these to. Hopefully tomorrow. I will definitely post a photo if I can.

small projects


Last Tuesday at knit night, I bought some 100% hemp yarn with the intention of making a belt. I didn’t particularly enjoy knitting a thin strip with that yarn and it wasn’t looking as good as I’d hoped, so I ended up trying it on my Bond knitting machine. The machine didn’t like it – it kept dropping stitches.

So I used a scrap of a different yarn to knit a strip which I estimated to be long enough. At a coffee night with some homeschooling mums on Monday, I sewed it up and added a buckle and it was done. It’s pretty stretchy, but that’s probably a good thing! And it didn’t need holes as the spike of the buckle just slides between the stitches.

As it didn’t cost me anything, I don’t mind if it’s not particularly hardwearing – I know that I can myself a new one anytime. (The non-leather one I bought a couple of months ago cost $8, I think, and it’s toast.)

Since we have our new furniture and are trying to keep it nice, I used a little left over James C Brett Marble to knit a couple of coasters for the coffee table yesterday. They’re just mitred squares. The beauty of these squares is that they start out with 51 stitches and end up with three, so it feels like they go really fast. Two isn’t really enough so I’m sure I’ll make a couple more of these today.


proudly presenting…


…the finished scarf. This size scarf would take weeks to knit by hand, and this one was done in three days. There is a lot to be said for having a machine to take care of yards of stockinette!

It wraps around my neck twice and still nearly reaches the floor at each end. (I just noticed my rather wild hair this morning looks almost like Tom Baker’s did as Doctor Who!) Here’s another image showing more of THE SCARF! If you look carefully, the original was actually garter stitch, so somebody did hand-knit it. I prefer his colours too, less bright than mine. Ah well, you work with what you have (c:

Lego Nut spent a while sitting on top of a heating vent this morning with the scarf covering him. It gets his approval for keeping him warm!

scarf stats


Last night the scarf was sewn up – it took a while! I had to go out in the evening, but a session before and afterwards got the job done. It was tossed into the washer with a load of clothes and this morning it’s in the dryer. (Wet acrylic feels pretty bad!)

I thought it better to add the fringe after washing so it didn’t get shredded.

Here are the stats if you’re curious…

  • total weight of yarn: 1lb 10.5oz or 760 grams
  • total length before washing: 12 feet 9.5 inches or 3.8989 metres
  • width: 9 inches or 22.86 cm

Photo will follow.

dedicated to tom baker


I’ve always wanted my own Doctor Who-type scarf and when I received that big basket of yarn recently I just knew I had to make one. I started this yesterday, and finished the knitting part today. As you’ve probably guessed, I made it with my Bond knitting machine.

It’s 70 stitches wide so I can fold it and sew it into a tube. This solves the curling problem and neatly hides the yarn tails. There are two shades of blue, three of green, two of brown, two reds, an orange, and off-white.

Once I’ve sewn it up, I’m going to run it through the washer and dryer to soften it up, then add the fringe, which will be white. I think it’s about 12 feet long, though I’ll know better when it’s done.





This is a multi-purpose item which I dreamed up while drifting off one night. It’s a machine-knitted tube, so it was really quick to make, and the eyelets near both ends are for threading I-cord through. The I-cord was made with my knitting mill, so the only handwork I did on this was the bind off with a darning needle.

You see, it can be worn as a hat with the top I-cord cinched…

or a neckwarmer or open-topped hat (for a ponytail) with both ends open…

or used as a bag with both ends closed.

Well, I thought it was neat!

recovery buddy


This is a Recovery Buddy. That link will take you to the Ravelry group which explains what these are. There’s a blog too.

Here’s the blurb from the Ravelry group:

The Recovery Buddies Project is a team of people from around the world who hand knits “recovery buddies” to help people through a variety of addictions including eating disorders, self-injury as well as others. We strive to remind people that they are not alone in their addictions, and that they don’t have to be alone in their recovery.

This is a group for those who help/would like to help make this cuddly reminders for people that they are loved and cared for.

There is a suggested pattern, but these are so simple that you can make it up. The idea is that they resemble pillows with character, as stuffed toys are often not allowed in the homes where the recipients live, but pillows are.

This was an ultra-quick project, as I knitted the two rectangles on my Bond knitting machine, then handknitted the icord arms and legs on 5.5mm dpns. The bow is just a small piece of garter stitch. The trickiest bit is getting the face to look good, and reasonably symmetrical.

It’s optional to name your buddy and give them a bit of a backstory. I will be putting a card in with this one when I send it off.

the results of the yarn blitz


The last of the random hats – it doesn’t look very random but there are in fact four different navy blues in there!

The scarf that I showed you before – now finished. The sewing up and adding fringe were good jobs to do while watching 24 on DVD last night. And the knot tying of course, with all those colour changes. Rather an ostentatious fringe, isn’t it!

And finally….the tally for the last couple of months. Seven scarves, one handknitted, 6 machine-knitted. Six hats, one handknitted, 5 machine-knitted. I’m going to call the local Food Bank and see if they would like these. I know it’s been a mild winter but I’m sure someone will be able to use them.

Those of you who are frugal will have cringed to see me toss away the odds and ends of the yarn balls, but I wanted them all GONE. All I have left now are 6 balls of elann esprit for socks, all the odds and sods from previous socks (so that I can use them for darning later), a little bit of Lion Brand Homespun, a garish shade of dishcloth cotton and a small amount of chunky yarn. The red chunky is Phentex, I think, and may well be disposed of – some yarns are just too horrible to use!

nearly there…


This is the knitting I completed this morning while the house was quiet. With Tai Chi Man leaving for work shortly after 7, and the kids sleeping in until at least 11 most days, I have a window of peace. I have almost reached the end of my leftover yarns – one salad container (those ones you buy organic spinach or salad greens in) has a few oddments in it, some of which I’ll use for a fringe for this scarf.

You can see why I have to knit scarves on the Bond twice as wide as I want them, then fold them and sew them up. They are very curly. I wish stockinette didn’t have this propensity for curling.  I couldn’t be bothered to take the time to fiddle about with the stitches on the machine to create a flat scarf – it’s quicker just to sew the long ends together.

A close-up of the colours. I know it’s a mismatched riot, but with only narrow stripes of five rows each it’s not TOO ugly! One of the yarns really doesn’t fit, and that’s the Berroco Comfort – it’s the bright periwinkle blue in there, and it’s considerably thinner than the other yarns.

When I have cleared out all my leftover yarns, I’ll look forward to buying some fresh new yarn for my next project…whatever that might be.

more hats


The boys had a PE class at lunchtime today, so that’s usually when I sit and knit and chat to the other mums at the Boys and Girls Club. Before I went out, I machine-knitted the centre sections of three more hats, and when I was out, I finished one of them off. This evening I finished the second.

This is the inside of the first hat – using up the last of the greys. The outside looks like this…

just plain green. Of course the recipient might prefer the random effect and want to wear it the other way around.

The second hat is this one – teal tweed on the outside and baby blue on the inside. Hey, this would match my Sunrise Circle Jacket, maybe I should keep it!