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I mentioned granny slippers in my last post. But I didn’t tell you about those. I took photos the other day and didn’t get around to blogging about it.

I needed a portable project the day I went into the city for errands. I met a friend at a coffee shop…


…and took some Loops & Threads Impeccable, my new Addi hook and the bobwilson123 Granny Stitch Slippers pattern.

And added to it here…


…sitting in the car while waiting to pick up ds2 at college.

I then had to drive him to the dentist for a quick fix on a tooth…


…and almost finished the first one, except for the single crochet around the top of the foot. I’ve made a few pairs of these now and they are quick and easy and great for keeping in a basket next to the front door for visitors.

Crocheting in Public – it’s so cool! And it really gets things done.




A preview


I took some screenshots of the yarn packs I’ve ordered and also the type of crochet hooks that I like. I already have the 5.5mm Addi Swing and a 4.5mm one is on its way.




You have to be careful about these colour packs. The Deramores Boxing week sale claimed to offer 25% off all yarn and I like the look of the colour packs, as there are about 70 colours in the Stylecraft Special DK range and it can be helpful if someone has already put together some coordinating shades.


However, last time I was buying from them, only the single balls were on sale, not the packs. So I knew to check the prices carefully. Oddly, this time, the  Cosy colour pack was priced at the same cost per ball as the single ones, but the Coast colour pack was more (approximately $2.86 rather than $2.58 each). So I ordered each colour in the Coast pack individually and saved about $4.20.

Since I placed my order, the Cosy pack price has gone up to the same price as the Coast pack. So if you like these combinations, order them individually.


I also invested in some Deramores Studio DK because I loved the Gemstone colour pack. I haven’t a clue if it’s any good but it’s the same price as the Stylecraft so not a huge investment.

So that’s what’s winging its way to me soon. Fun!

(I’m having a heck of a time uploading two of the photos so I’m going to publish and then edit and see if that helps.)