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Winter Solstice


We are having a cold snap! Minus 20C today and expected to get even colder tonight. I am so grateful for a warm house!

Yesterday it snowed all day and in addition to the roads being hairy scary we had to deal with whiteout conditions on the highway. The visibility was down to 50 metres at best. I ventured out to see a friend for a short visit then went back home. There was a lot of snow shovelling and some soup-making.

I made some awesome ‘cheesy’ vegan scones without a recipe. Best scones ever! (I used a snowman-shaped cutter.)

Here’s one of my fruit cakes complete with pecans, dried apricots and apricot glaze.

Some days that’s all I’ve eaten for lunch! What? It’s OK, it has fruit in it 😉

We’ve also been indulging in a few vegan marshmallows with our evening hot chocolate. And some mornings I have made a pot of tea, rather than a single mug, just because it feels good.

In yarny news, I have fallen behind with opening my little yarn bags.

And I’m adding to my Elevation cardigan tonight.

I’m up to the third colour (of six). I still think I may need to get more.

So it’s the 21st and I still haven’t decided on the menu for our Christmas Eve dinner. I’ve done my last pre-Christmas Costco shop but I do need to go back to the regular supermarket for a few more things. I’m working the next couple of days so it looks like it’s all going to get done at the last minute.

It’ll probably be some sort of loaf, roast vegetables, gravy, something green, some mince pies and a secondary dessert for the weirdo in the family who doesn’t eat dried fruit 🙂

Getting closer…


These little yarn balls are better than a chocolate Advent. Calorie-free and they last longer!

The Solstice and Christmas are nearly here. I baked two vegan gluten-free fruitcakes last night and I plan to tart up the top of one with pecans and dried apricots to make it more special.

I had some gifts to wrap and because I felt like I was running out of time I cheated and went to the dollar store for gift bags. I did see some gorgeous paper ones for $1.50 each, and had them in my basket until I saw these fabric ones with red snowflakes on. They have a jute drawstring. I was sold! They look very pretty under the tree and I think that even if they didn’t have gifts in them I’d fill them with random stuff and put them there just to look nice.

I have friends coming over tonight so I have a couple of things to do this afternoon but right now I’m having a nice cup of tea, made in a teapot no less!



It was a snowy night and when we drove home this morning the first 15 minutes involved some pretty deep snow on the road.

Once we got to the highway, it was just wet so it was a straightforward drive, going through rain by the lake and then finding ourselves back above the snowline at home.

It’s falling now and looks like it’s set in for the day.

One of the first things I did when I got back was line my beanie. Crochet lets the wind through a bit too much when it’s below freezing so I found a remnant of turquoise fleece, measured my hat, and ran up a quick liner.

I measured the circumference at the brim, with the hat lying flat on the table. It was 23 inches. I also measured the depth from brim to centre top which was about 7.5 inches. So I cut a strip of fleece (with the stretch going the long way) that was 23 x 8. I wanted the finished circumference of the lining to be a bit smaller than the hat, and once I’d sewn the two short ends together with a half-inch seam allowance it was just right. Once the seam was sewn, I laid the tube on the table with the seam at one side and eyeballed a curved corner at the top right. I folded it in half so I could cut the opposite corner the same. And then I opened it up and refolded it so the uncut corners were at right and left and cut them the same way. Then I sewed two sections together along the curve, followed by the opposite two sections, and finally the seam that went across the top of the head.

It worked perfectly and all I had to do after that was turn a small hem and handstitch it in along the brim.

My Elevation cardigan by Make and Do Crew is coming along. I’ve finished the first 200 gram skein of brown and now I’m onto the cinnamon.

And I have opened today’s Advent yarn…

The colours are so pretty together.

Vegan poutine!


We drove from home base to a bigger town yesterday that has a few vegan/plant-based dining options.

We chose The Angry Vegan for lunch and for the first time ever I had poutine, a Canadian tradition that is made with fries, cheese curds (or in this case vegan cashew cheese) and gravy.

It was all right but I don’t think I’d have it again. I’ve been eating rather more of the richer fattier foods this week, like Violife cheese and Beyond Sausages, that have been irritating my acid reflux. I can go long periods without it but every now and then it flares up. It’s usually mild but occasionally feels like it’s burning a hole through my sternum.

We had light snow this morning and the horse in the barn was looking out like he was thinking WTF! If you can see that tiny strip of white in the barn doorway on the left, that’s the horse’s face.

Two more Advent yarns. Such pretty colours!

Thought you’d like this too. I saved it from Facebook yesterday. No idea of the source.

This is so me!

More yarn and lots of hiking


Two more balls of Advent yarn (above) and an FO below (from DK acrylic that I brought with me).

Here’s the Ravelry link to the pattern https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/succulent-plant-amigurumi

We enjoyed a beautiful, level, sunny walk along Skaha Lake yesterday morning. Two hours total following which we spent the rest of the day at the Airbnb relaxing and enjoying the hot tub and sauna.

Today was cloudy, still in the region of minus 8 Celsius, and the two hour hike involved an uphill trek to a bluff with a view. There were signs of bear but we only ended up seeing a deer and a few birds!

Again, the hot tub was welcome after all that exertion!

And finally, the start of my new WIP https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/elevation-duster-cardigan The Elevation Duster Cardigan is a long crocheted cardigan which looked like a good option for my six shades of Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn. However I am wondering whether it’ll be enough. I may have to figure out how to get more of the yellow. Time will tell.

Advents and Anniversaries

Day 2 of my yarn Advent
Day 1 of our anniversary retreat

It may be well below freezing but we have a cosy suite out in the boonies with a pellet stove, a hot tub and a sauna. It has a view of mountains, fields and even a couple of horses. Oh, and the owner’s husky now and then.

Day 3 of yarn Advent

We have lots of food but still ventured out in the car this morning to the nearest town. Our accommodation is in a cellphone deadzone and Mr Fixit needs to check his work phone every now and then.

We also popped into the local Buy Low and picked up coffee and a caffeine-free coffee sub.

Last night I made a good start on a small crochet project which I expect to finish today. I’ll get some photos later and post them. And then I’ll start on the bigger project that I’m planning with one of my sweater quantities of yarn. Of course, I brought six 200 gram skeins of yarn with me. Even though we’re only away for a week!

It’s December!


I love this month of the year. Short hours of daylight, long nights cosied up in layers of yarn or fleece, pretty snow scenes. Ok, the icy roads can dampen the enthusiasm a teeny bit but not too much.

Advent bag of holding

The 1st caught me out a bit. At the end of the day I had to ask Mr Fixit to stuff balls of yarn in bags for me so I could do a yarn Advent again. It’s just yarn this year, no beads or other treats, but it will still be fun to open a bag every day.

And thanks to son #3 we have a Lego Advent calendar too.

Mr Fixit and I opened the first two doors because we’re going to be out of town for our annual anniversary retreat for the next week. The sons can enjoy opening the little doors and building the mini models while we’re gone.

We’re celebrating 35 years of marriage on the 10th! And no chance of parole!!