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Badges, Boho and Boohoo!


Look what arrived in the mail from Buttons& Things (www.pepsy.etsy.com) thanks to Clare at bobwilson123. Clare had a Christmas giveaway and I won these. Aren’t they fun! Clare’s site is bobwilson123.org and she also has a You Tube channel, bobwilson123, with lots of free patterns and crochet tutorials. Oh, and there’s a Ravelry group too.

The Boho part of the title refers to the wrap, which I have been working on exclusively. The rows are really long though – about 74″ long – and I still have a fair few to do. The wrap is 21″ wide to the split, so when I get to a total of 120 rows and 21″ on the other side it’ll be done. Except for maybe some embellishment. This is using up a nice chunk of miscellaneous worsted weight acrylic.


Even if I decide it’s too scrappy to wear outside the house, it’ll make a fantastic warm wrap on the couch that’ll go over my shoulders and cover me to my knees

The “boohoo” is for my Deramores order, which still hasn’t arrived. It’s been 16 days since my order, but I suppose I should allow for a few days that they were closed over Christmas and New Year. And admittedly Canada Post is not always the fastest. My yarn is still all spread out on my craft room floor, ready to do a stash flash, but I don’t want to do it until the new stuff arrives.

With it being a New Year ‘n all, I’m not making resolutions, but I do have a goal of finishing or frogging my WIPs. The above wrap is going to get done, for sure, and then I will tackle the Grandma’s Knickknacks blanket. I may well stop adding squares at 12 x 12, add a border, and call it finished, because I don’t think a WIP should be around more than a year. The skirt-scarf will probably get frogged.

Then I can breathe a deep sigh of relief, and start making plans for the next stash-busting project. Did I mention (I don’t think I did) that I’ve joined a yarn ban-along with bobwilson123 and Thank God It’s Finished (TGIF) groups on Ravelry? To sign up, you just need to be a member of both groups and post to both of their Yarn Ban-Along threads and also contribute to their group discussions during the course of the ban. It’s a short yarn diet that runs until the end of February. I can definitely manage that.

In the meantime, while I eagerly await my yarn delivery, Happy Crocheting!